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Take video conferences to a new level!

Video conferences are becoming an increasing integral part of business. But when its more than a simple video call where do you start? Who is going to control speakers? Who can cue up the digital assets? 

Great news! We can help you through these steps and help you kick it up a notch while you worry about getting your message out and not things like starting the presentation, getting name keys right, or managing who is speaking. Whether it's a video conference, virtual convention, or webinar, we are here for you. In most cases we can handle the entire thing remotely to help make it more cost effective without sacrificing quality. EZLiveProductions provides the following:

  • Remote Production

  • Asset creation

  • Attendance tracking

  • Post event production

  • Virtual Event Analytics

  • Graphics and Overlays

  • Meeting Controls

  • Paywalls (for webinars and seminars)

  • Multiple streaming integrations

Give us a call or email us today to find out how we can assist your business with the next virtual experience!

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